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black and white terminals on white van roof

Installation of a B-Cool Unit

At Central Arkansas Truck Outfitters, we are able to do so many different things besides just basic truck accessories. One of our long time customers wanted us to install three more B-COOL Units in their 2023 RAM Pro-master Vans. We have had the pleasure to work with this company many times and they continue to trust us with their needs, and we always deliver! 

This B-COOL 12000RV-12V- Air Conditioner is an awesome choice for many different businesses. Such as, a flower shop, bakery, or even a food delivery service that just wishes to keep things cooled. 

young man looks through cut out square in roof of van

We are able to knock out these units pretty quickly because we have done them so many times. This is Kobe. He is one of the guys here and loves getting things done. First, he started off by measuring and cutting the hole needed to place the unit in. The hole has to be done correctly because it isn’t always easy to patch up these kinds of roofs. We like to use that saying “measure twice, cut once”. 

technician installs hardware on ceiling of van

After Kobe cut the hole, Kobe and Walt both started the install process. They begin with installing the light and then will add the A/C unit. We work as a team here so being able to have help is always nice! 

man caulks top of van

Let’s not forget that we have to seal around everything. This helps all of the air from coming out of the cracks. This is an A/C unit therefore we want the air to stay inside of the van for our customers. 

van with exposed insulation

The guys then install some R13 Insulation. This will help the van get nice in cool in the different types of weather that we experience here in Arkansas. Without this it is pointless to add the A/C unit. 

white van wall

Of course, no one wants to see that ugly insulation, so the guys put the walls back up to cover it and make it look nice and neat! 

man in blue shirt cleans back of van

When having to cut the roof we leave behind metal shavings. This is why Kobe is blowing out the van with an air hose so it can be nice and clean for the customer.

black and white terminals on white van roof

Just like that!! This RAM Pro-Master Van is complete!! We have a very happy customer. 

If you are in the market to add a cooling unit to your van. Just give us a call at 501-993-0848 or stop by the store to see us. We are always here to help you and are more than willing to answer any questions that you may have!