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Ironstar Bed with Custom Mounted Tommy Gate Liftgate

Our customer came to us for one of their customers looking for four Ironstar flatbeds and all with a Tommy Gate Liftgates. They showed Jason what they wanted, and he and Mike got on it!

Jason then got all the parts together and gave them a quote on what they were looking at cost wise. They agreed to it and brought all the trucks to us at once. Once we received all the parts, we started to assemble them all.

The customer had already removed the regular truck beds from the trucks, so we were able to jump right in.

large metal shelf on pallet

They began with a 3/8X3 Flat strap and drilled a half inch hole into it. They then secured the flat scrap to the truck using ½ inch bolts. Next the flat bed is placed with the lift onto the truck frame.

Ironstar Stake Side Bed

Bed Placed on Truck

Bed Placed on Truck

Bed Getting Ready for Liftgate

After the bed is placed and squared, we place the flat strap up onto the bed runners and Robert welded it into place.

Once all of those were done, he then had to run different wires along with a fuel filler neck.

To custom mount the liftgate Robert had to create different supports onto the bed to hold the liftgate. He then welded them on and then began installing the lift. Multiple people helped place it and he did just enough welds to hold it into place and then he completed it.

Finally, all of the wires and lights had to be placed in order for the job to be done.

The customer was extremely satisfied with the work that was done. So satisfied that they are now a repeat customer of ours!

Feel free to contact us here at Central Arkansas Truck Outfitters for all of your truck accessory needs and custom builds for your vehicle. We would love to help!

Completed Side Angel

Lift Gate Partially Open

Liftgate Opened

Backside of Truck