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Dixie Horn Install

Today was very interesting and a shock when we heard that we were installing a Dixie horn on a Dodge Ram for a customer. It was a shock because well frankly we don’t get too many orders like this. The cool part about this install was that we got to use some creativity on how we were going to make this work for our customer. So lets dive in and see how CATO installs a Dixie horn.

If you don’t know what a Dixie horn looks like here is a good picture of each horn laid out as well as the wiring, tubing, and compressor that is at the top of the picture.

Instead of placing each horn side by side, we decided to use one straight bracket as a center point, and connected the horns on each side with a L-bracket. By doing this saves us space and looks pretty cool in my opinion. Happy with the results, we went ahead and mounted the compressor to the straight bracket and connected the tubing.

Now that the horns are bolted together it was time to mount them into the truck. Before we started on the truck we decided to look for better options on where to mount these horns and get the best quality out of them. We found that under the front bumper was the best place and not under the hood.

Here you can see that we have all the room to work and there is nothing to muffle the sound coming out of the horns.

To mount the Dixie horn under the truck we had to use two more straight brackets to extend out to the frame of the truck. This will give us a great place to drill and bolt down the horn ensuring us that it will not fall off.

  • As you can see we extended the middle bracket with two more straight brackets out to the frame of the truck. In the bottom picture you can see where we had to twist the extension brackets so that they are flat on the frame.

After the Dixie horn was mounted we ran the wiring to the battery, and to the on/off switch in the cab of the truck. This was a fun job to do and something that will not do often. The customer was very pleased with the result and is now a lifetime customer.

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