• Environmental Commitment : We at Harbor believe in a clean environment and helping to keep it that way.

  • Driven By The Best : As America’s premier manufacturer of service and platform bodies (and now van interiors), we enjoy a long history of “industry-first” design innovations dedicated to making your job easier and more productive.

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Harbor began operations in 1973 in a corrugated lean-to located in Harbor City near the port of Long Beach in Los Angeles. From this humble beginning, we moved to a modern facility in Brea, CA, a small town in north Orange County which was incorporated during a local oil boom in 1917. We are proud to be located near this thriving and culturally rich suburban jewel. Brea remains our headquarters location today…we even park vehicles on an old oil equipment pad in the Brea Olinda Hills.

Harbor has continued to grow not only in size, but in stature as viewed by customers, dealers, and automotive truck manufacturers. Today, we are considered one of the premier service body manufacturers in the U.S. We have extended our reach to the entire West Coast by adding an Edgewood, WA location near Seattle in conjunction with a partner and adding Service Centers in Northern California and Oregon. Our coverage also includes the Southwest U.S. with an added location in Marion, TX, on the outskirts of San Antonio. To support this geographical expansion, we have added a 7.5 acre complex in Fontana, CA which serves as a central distribution hub and our main truck body mounting location. Not only have we earned many volume awards (major achievements with truck manufacturers), in 2014 we received an award for earning the highest Dealer Satisfaction Rating in the U.S. among all commercial body manufacturers in our industry. To our knowledge, this is the only dealer satisfaction survey ever taken by one of the “major” truck manufacturers. It is one of the awards of which we are most proud.