Harbor 8 FT Single Wheel Trademaster Flip Top


  • Stainless Steel self-opening pop-top lids w/ body length compartment bins & 4″ dividers

  • Adjustable, but lockable, shelving system

  • Weather shield system around locks, doors, and hingles, preventing leaks and securing the tools of your trade. Neoprene door seals, water-proof gaskets, self-sealing stainless steel rivets, and silky smooth three-point door latches with Teflon glides.

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From the glistening body finish to the Master Lock System designed to protect the tools of your livelihood, TradeMaster defines quality and value. If you are the best at what you do, why not drive the best? Harbor: Driven by the Best!

Ford 56″CA Single Wheel | 8FT Trademaster Flip Top. Fits a Ford, Chevy, and RAM.

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